August 20

Math 8 (and 6) Resources

8th Grade Resources

Book #1: Thinking with Mathematical Models (TWMM): Textbook LINK

  • Finding the slope from two points: Link

Book #2: Looking for Pythagoras –  Textbook Link

Book #3: Growing, Growing, Growing – Textbook Link 

Book #4: Say It With Symbols – Textbook Link

Book #5: It’s In The System – Textbook LINK.

Book #6: Butterflies, Pinwheels, and Wallpaper -Textbook LINK

Algebra Resources

Online Textbook: Code: azk-1114

Videos for review and to prepare for the test 

Free Math Help

6th Grade Refreshers

Arcademics – Academics + Arcade = FUN!

Math Antics – helpful video tutorials

Virtual Nerd– helpful video tutorials

Division Practice

 Ratio Blaster

Ratio Stadium racing game

Multiplication Games

Fraction Games

Fraction to Decimal Practice (Games)

Google: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Hungry Puppies: + & – Decimals

Math Football Decimals: +, -, X, /



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