March 31

Week 1 of Online Learning 3.30 – 4.2

*See the Agendas posted in google classroom or the one that I sent out via email for more details

Monday, March 30th

Science: Complete the skeletal system Webquest

SCIENCE: LTP Final Draft is due Next Friday (April 10th!) 

Tuesday, March 31st

Math 8: complete the Khan Academy unit and the 3/31 worksheet that is posted. Scan/Take a picture of your work and submit it with your answers on the worksheet.

Adv Alg: Complete the initial assessment in ALEKS

Wednesday, April 1st

Science: Complete the Muscular System Webquest

Thursday, April 2nd

Math 8: Complete Problem 2.2 and the homework on p.34 #19-21

Adv Alg: Complete HW 1 and 2 posted in ALEKS

March 29

Online Learning Launch

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to your first day of virtual learning! I will continue to be using Google Classroom (GC) to post and collect assignments. So please check there and your email multiple times a day 🙂 

We will be using google meets or zoom for virtual discussions. Please see GC and the Home Learning Google Calendar for the video links. 

Each week, I will post an outline for the week in GC and send out an email that will have the links for assignments and reminders for when to turn them in.

Please email me if you have any questions. 

March 9


Math 8: p.14 #8-10. 16, 18 — Quiz tomorrow!

Alg: p.546 #15, 19, 25, 35, 39, 45, 47

Science: make sure your LTP, Food Web, and Classification project is turned in!

March 5


Math 8: Finish Problem 1.3

Alg: Ch 8.2 and 8.3 Review sheet. See google classroom, CH 8 Notes, for a copy of it.

Science: LTP Rough draft, Food Web, and Classification Due TOMORROW. Guardians– please read through your student’s rough draft tonight.

March 4


Math 8: p.13 #1 and 5

Adv Alg: see google classroom. Test retake is on Thursday at 8 am

Science: LTP Rough draft, Food Web, and Classification Due on Friday. Guardians– please read your student’s rough draft tonight or tomorrow night to help them edit it.

March 2


Math 8: complete all missing assignments. We start a new unit tomorrow!

Alg: p.524 #7-31 odds. Test retake is Thursday morning at 8 am.

Science: Due this Friday: LTP Rough draft (guardians: please read over your student’s work), Food Web, and Classification Project.