December 18


Math 8: your project is due tomorrow! Please have printed copies of your questions, your map that is neatly colored, and the answer key.  See google classroom for the project guidelines

Adv Alg: Part 2 of the Midterm Exam is tomorrow.

December 17


Math 8: Keep working on your project. Tomorrow is the last in-class workday. The project is due Thursday when you walk into class.

Adv. Alg: Midterm exam is TOMORROW! Study. Look at resources in google classroom. You may create a notecard, but only use one side of it.

December 12

12/12 HW

Math 8: p.49 #1-4

Alg: start studying for your Midterm exam. Look in my google classroom –> chapter 5 notes –> at the very bottom are page numbers of great review questions. Also, review old unit tests, notes, and assignments.

December 2


Math 8: p.17 #26-34

Alg: Both worksheets are due on Wednesday

Science: POLs start tomorrow at 1:40!! See the sign-up list for when you are presenting and what classes you are visiting. Also, please print your PSR and evidence and bring it to class on Thursday to get signed off. Sign up for items to bring for the integrated party on Friday.