November 20


Math 8: Unit test is tomorrow! The review session for the test will be at 8 am. Check the study guide that is posted in google classroom. Create a notecard using only one side for tomorrow

Alg: the Unit test is tomorrow! Study!! Review session will be tomorrow at lunch.

Science: PSR is due tonight. Have your guardian read over your PSR and LTP (which is due on Friday). Keep working on your  POL!

November 18


Math 8: Finish your project and complete half of the study guide. Your Unit Test will be this Thursday

Alg: p.268 #7,9 – check google classroom for notes. Begin studying for your Chapter 4 Unit Test which is on Thursday.

Science: PSR is due on Wednesday. LTP Final Draft is due Friday during class. Start working on your POL and ask your parents what day and time you should present.

November 14


Math 8: Work on your math project. It is due Monday when you walk into class. Start studying for your unit test which is next Thursday!

Alg: p.262 #49-55 odd, 73 . Begin working on the study guide for your unit test. It is next Thursday. 

Science: Keep working on your LTP! It is due next Friday. Please submit it early if you finish before Friday. Next week we will be focusing on POL and PSRs and wrapping up our units. 

ADI #3 is tomorrow. We will be leaving right after 1st elective. Dress for the weather (we will be outside the whole time), bring a sack lunch and your science spiral. 

November 13


Math 8: Work on your project! Tomorrow is your last in-class day to work on it. It is due on Monday

Alg: p.262 #29-47 odds

Science: Work on your LTP Final Draft. Due next Friday. ADI is this Friday.

November 8


Math 8: Work on your project that we started yesterday

Alg: Take the practice quiz found on page 276 #11-20, 24-32, 35-45

Science: all students received comments on their LTP rough draft. Please begin working on your final draft which is due in two weeks from today!