April 6

Week 2 of Online Learning 4/6-4/10

Reminder for everyone: See google classroom or the agenda that I emailed out during week 1 for more details on the assignments and links.

Science: This week is LTP worktime! The final draft of the LTP is due on Friday (4/10). Guardians: please read through your students’ work to help them with corrections. Have your student show you the requirements and evaluation rubric. 

Part 2: Students are working on their “Grow Something” Project. They are to begin growing something of their choice and upload a photo to the padlet by this Wednesday. 

Math 8: Due by 5pm on the provided dates

Tuesday (4/6): Problem 2.3. 

Thursday (4/8): Substitution Method Worksheet posted in GC 

I am available from 11-1 for video conferencing. If your student is struggling, have them email me and I will set up a virtual conference. 

Adv Algebra: This week students are to complete the “Parabola Selfie” Project along with Section 8.7 Review Activity. These two assignments will be due Thursday Evening.

Next week we will begin reviewing for our Chapter 8 Unit Test, which will be on Thursday.

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