September 23


Math 8: Quiz tomorrow! Study! Finish the practice worksheet and do problems on p.74 #33-35, 42

Answer key for today’s in class assignment.

Adv. Alg: p.114 #19-25 o, 31-55o

Science: Petri dish lab report is due tomorrow! Have ideas for your LTP topic by tomorrow!

September 12


Science: Look up facts about the cephalopod (squid). Start doing some research for you LTP.

  • ADI is tomorrow! Go to 1st and 2nd elective. Have your backpack, science spiral, 2 writing utensils, sack lunch, and a water bottle.

Math 8: finish your take-home quiz

Adv Alg: Test corrections.

September 9

9/9-9/12 HW

Math 8: 

Monday: Problem 2.3 — HW: finish problem 2.3 A,B,C, and E

Tuesday: Problem 2.4 (Show completed work for E) and p.46 #4-5, 

Wed: Review 2.4 and Begin Problem 2.5. HW: p.#49 #14-18 

Thursday: Quiz Today!!!! No HW 

Adv Alg: 

Monday: Review Stations – Practice review problems 

Tuesday: Chapter 1 Unit TEST. No HW 

Wed: Lesson 2.1 HW: p.78 #17-61, Every other odd 

Thurs: Lesson 2.2. — HW: p.90 #23-32 odd, 37-43 odd, 53-57 odd (lesson and HW might change) 


Monday: Submit mystery substance lab. Research 5 fun facts about microbes / bacteria.