January 29


Math8: Complete the worksheets assigned in class this week. See google classroom and the notes for digital copies.

Adv Alg: Study for you Chapter 5 Unit Test – tomorrow! See notes posted in google classroom.

Science: Turn in your Petri Dish Lab Report into google classroom.

January 23


Math 8: p.15 #1-2, 18-23

Alg: p.339 #9,15,17,27

Science: ADI is tomorrow. Please bring a sack lunch and be ready to go after 9:30.

Petri Dish Lab report is due on Tuesday. Work on it tonight and over the weekend.

Keep researching to find your LTP Topic.

January 22


Math 8: Complete the solving for a variable worksheet

Adv Alg: p.330 #15-71 every other odd

Science: Keep working on your Petri Dish Lab Report – see google classroom. Also, if you have time – keep thinking of ideas for your LTP topic.

January 16


Math 8: Unit Test is tomorrow!! Study! Review session is tomorrow morning at 8 am. See google classroom for the study guide. HW: create a notecard- you may only write on one side of the notecard.

Adv Alg: Look over Ch 5.5.

Science: We launched the LTP topics today in science. Please begin researching!

January 15


Math 8: Work on the study guide and the extra review handout. Unit test is on Friday!  The study guide is posted in google classroom

Math review sessions: Thursday during lunch and Friday morning at 8 am.

Adv Alg: Read over Ch 5.5 and complete a couple of examples.

Science: Research and write in your science spiral 5 fun/interesting facts about bacteria and 5 facts about fungi.

January 14


All Math: Your PSR was due today. If you did not complete it and turn it into google classroom, please submit it ASAP!

Math 8: complete 3/4 of the study guide. The Unit Test for LFP is this coming Friday!

Alg: p.314 #18, 28, 55, 67, 77, 81. Quiz on Ch 5.4 tomorrow

Science: Submit your lab report into google classroom.

January 13


All Math: PSR is due tonight! Please turn it into google classroom.

Math 8: finish 4.4 part E and p.72 #20,22,32-37

Alg: p.314 #9-15 odd, 45, 47

Science: Mystery Substance Lab Report is due tonight or tomorrow when you come into class.

January 10


Math 8 and Algebra: Work on your PSR. Requirements are posted in google classroom. The assignment is due on Tuesday.

Science: Keep working on your mystery substance lab. See the handouts and requirements in google classroom. Due on Tuesday. Also, please pick up a 1″ binder and a science notebook.