March 9


Math 8: p.14 #8-10. 16, 18 — Quiz tomorrow!

Alg: p.546 #15, 19, 25, 35, 39, 45, 47

Science: make sure your LTP, Food Web, and Classification project is turned in!

March 5


Math 8: Finish Problem 1.3

Alg: Ch 8.2 and 8.3 Review sheet. See google classroom, CH 8 Notes, for a copy of it.

Science: LTP Rough draft, Food Web, and Classification Due TOMORROW. Guardians– please read through your student’s rough draft tonight.

March 4


Math 8: p.13 #1 and 5

Adv Alg: see google classroom. Test retake is on Thursday at 8 am

Science: LTP Rough draft, Food Web, and Classification Due on Friday. Guardians– please read your student’s rough draft tonight or tomorrow night to help them edit it.

March 2


Math 8: complete all missing assignments. We start a new unit tomorrow!

Alg: p.524 #7-31 odds. Test retake is Thursday morning at 8 am.

Science: Due this Friday: LTP Rough draft (guardians: please read over your student’s work), Food Web, and Classification Project.

February 26


Math 8: Unit Test for Say it With Symbols is Tomorrow! STUDY! See the study guide answer key posted to google classroom and you may create a notecard (one side) for tomorrow. The review study session is tomorrow at 8 am.

Alg: Complete the problems I posted in the Chapter 8 notes in G.C. Also, click through the resources I posted. Take some notes on quadratic equations and imaginary numbers.

Science: A lot of projects going on! Your food web, classification poster, and LTP rough draft are all due next Friday. Tomorrow and Friday are both workdays. Information for these assignments are found in Google Classroom (GC).

Reminder: ADI #2 is this Friday. We are going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Students will leave after 1st elective (9:30). Please bring a sack lunch and have your science spirals! Email me with any questions.

February 25


Math 8: Complete the Unit Test Study Guide! Unit Test is on Thursday!

Alg: p.519 #7, 11,15, 27

Science: LTP Outline is due tonight. Start writing your LTP Rough Draft! Rough Draft is due March 6th.

February 20


Math 8: Finish problem 2.4 part B, p.59 #35, and p.82 #28 (part C only)

complete your self-evaluation found on google classroom.

Adv Alg: Ch 7 Unit Test is tomorrow! STUDY! You may create a notecard with one side of notes

Science: Cells and Genetics Unit Test is tomorrow! STUDY! See google classroom for the review study guide and you can create a notecard.

February 19


Math 8: Finish your Trimester 2 self-evaluation found in google classroom.

Alg: Chapter 7 Review: p.501 #1-21, 31. Unit Test is on Friday

Science: complete 3/4 of the unit test study guide. Test is on Friday.