October 10


Math 8:  All missing assignments are due tomorrow!

Adv. Alg: p.155 #9-35 odds

Science: Complete the classification project posted in google classroom. Keep working on your food web and collecting facts on your LTP.

October 9


Math 8: Unit test is tomorrow! Study! Create a notecard using one side for the test. Also, review session is tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Science: Osmosis lab report is due Friday! Keep working on your food web. For you LTP, you should have at least 30 facts by Friday.

October 8


Math 8: Complete the Unit Test Study Guides — Unit test is on Thursday. Review session: Thursday 8-8:30am

Adv. Alg: STUDY!!! Chapter 2 Unit Test is Tomorrow!

Science: Osmosis Lab Report is due this Friday. Cell Quiz Tomorrow! Cell Analogy Poster is due tomorrow. Keep working on your LTP. You should have at least 30 facts.

October 7


Math 8: Finish your project and the Unit Test Study Guide – Due tomorrow! Unit Test is on Thursday!

Adv. Alg: complete 1/2 of the study guide. The Unit Test for Chapter 2 is on Wednesday!

Science: Osmosis Lab Report is due on Friday. Work on your cell analogy poster. Due on Wednesday. Parts of the cell and the functions of the organelles Quiz is on Wednesday.

October 2


Math 8: Work on your math project! Instructions in google classroom. Due Monday! Tomorrow and Friday are both workdays.

Adv. Alg: work on the review for at least 30 minutes. (this is your homework for the rest of the week). Unit Test on Chapter 2 is on Tuesday! Remember: I have resources posted in google classroom.

Science: Cell Analogy poster is due Monday. You need to have your invention and organism finalized by Monday your LTP topic and have started your research. You should be about halfway done.

  • see google classroom for brainstorming and the outline for the paper.
October 1


Math 8: p.100 #6-8, 19

Adv. Alg: p.136 #33-36 all, 43-63 odd

Science: Finish drawing and labeling in your science spiral the plant and animal cell. Define the organelles in your own words. See the textbook pages that are posted in google classroom. Also, by tomorrow, have your LTP topic and some research.